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Precursor® LLC is a pioneering consultancy specialized in Macro-Internet and Macro-AI change research, causation analysis, and externality expertise. It empowers success by helping clients — commercial, government, and non-profit — anticipate, navigate, and mitigate the most challenging macro-Internet & macro-AI changes and externalities (unintended consequences, e.g., fraud, crime, corruption, harms, & moral hazards).

Founder Scott Cleland

Scott Cleland is a rare proven precursor and macro-Internet strategist with thirty years of macro-Internet, externality expertise and experience, working first for top institutional investors for twelve years and then for leading corporations for sixteen years. In addition, Cleland is an innovator/pioneer of Internet Change Research, MacroInternetics®, and Macro-AI-Analytics™, and he also is an Internet accountability advocate, fraud finder/fighter, and watchdog.

He is a former Deputy United States Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy in the H.W. Bush Administration. A U.S. Department of State Advisory Committee, responsible for global Internet issues, appointed him to several terms during the W. Bush & Obama Administrations.

As Founder, owner, CEO, and lead analyst of Precursor Group Broker Dealer, Institutional Investor ranked Precursor Group as the #1 independent investment research provider in telecom and #3 in technology after only 5 years in existence in large part for its innovation in pioneering Change Research for institutional investment. Eight congressional subcommittees have sought his expert testimony a total of 16 times. Four governments have sought his expertise. For more please see or LinkedIn.


Recognizing the shocking dearth of useful, holistic macro-Internet analysis and innovation in the marketplace six years ago, Scott Cleland committed to discover and  innovate where others were not, to create the best macro-Internet knowledge, insight, and predictability. Since then, Cleland has conceived, researched, invented, and pioneered an innovative, proprietary, macro-Internet change research discipline, trademarked as Macrointernetics®. It now fills a prior problematic gap in critical, practical, and actionable macro-Internet knowledge, savvy, and expertise.

  • It is the study, discipline, and knowledge of the macro-Internet’s unique, permissionless, geosystem, structure, performance, designs, decisions, changes, dynamics, behaviors, incentives, standards, assumptions, cause-effects, risk-rewards, and externalities for the macro-Internet as a whole nationally and globally.
  • Its practical purposes are to increase Internet predictability and integrity, to better anticipate, alert, and advise clients.
  • It is to the Internet what macroeconomics is to the global economy.
  • It has no existing competitor.

Tagline & Logo

The Precursor® tagline is Empowers Success because: the definition of precursor is one that paves the way of another’s success/accomplishment; and because its Founder, Scott Cleland is a Proven Precursor with a 30-year, proven track-record of accurate forthright foresight that empowered clients to succeed.  

The Precursor® puzzle-piece logo stands for the many missing puzzle pieces Precursor® discovers and positions, so clients can see and solve the Big Picture, puzzle whole and true.


To reach Precursor® please contact