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Precursor: Straight Forward Thinking

Precursor® LLC is an innovative Macrointernetics® strategy and research consultancy that offers consulting services, and financial, investment, and information analysis, for companies, investors, and governments in multiple fields e.g., Internet, technology, communications, finance, investments, and health care.  

Precursor® macro-Internet expertise, strategy, and change research innovations help clients anticipate Internet change to better exploit emerging opportunities and guard against emerging risks.

Precursor President Scott Cleland pioneered Macrointernetics®, a new Internet change research discipline that addresses a problematic gap in Internet knowledge.

It is to the Internet what macroeconomics is to the economy. It studies the Internet’s holistic design flaws, dynamics, input-output, incentives-behaviors, risks-opportunities, and help-harms to determine if Internet externalities cause net change for better or worse.

Its purpose is to increase Internet predictability, integrity, and responsibility for companies, stakeholders, governments, communities, societies, and the common good.

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