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Precursor® is a unique macro-Internet, specialty guide, strategic advisor, and consultant for corporate CEOs who value all their stakeholders as essential and as people; seek to best steer and steward all stakeholders through the most chaotic part of the firm’s business environment; and thus need the best available macro-Internet expertise, acumen, and advice.

  • As the lone leaders realistically responsible for knowing and navigating their firm’s Big Picture, CEOs must know and navigate the macro-Internet part of their business environment, that realistically most determines their firm’s future.
  • Imagine being a leading CEO today and macroeconomics and climatology macro-knowledge was never created and did not exist. That’s the same macro knowledge gap and situation that CEOs suffer from today. Why? The Internet geosystem has proven uniquely cryptic, complex, conflictive, chaotic, contrived, and corrupt.

For the first time, corporate CEOs have the opportunity to choose to not have the serious, strategic vulnerability of a macro-Internet blindside and blind spot encompassing the most important — but least researched — half of their business environment and outlook. They also can choose to stay ahead — and on the right side of — current and developing macro-Internet changes with eagle eyes, not with an ostrich head in-the-sand.

Precursor® can empower CEOs’ success by focusing on the corporations’ macro-Internet business environment, to empower CEOs to better anticipate change, the origin of most commercial risk and opportunity, and to better navigate the macro-Internet chaos for all stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders.

For CEOs who value all stakeholders, and for Precursor® — ‘People are the purpose’. That’s because most stakeholders are people and Internet users, just like the five billion Internet users globally are people who use the Internet every day.

Founder Scott Cleland

Scott Cleland is a rare proven precursor and macro-Internet strategist with thirty years of macro-Internet, externality expertise and experience, working first for top institutional investors for twelve years and then for leading corporations for sixteen years.  

He is a former Deputy United States Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy in the H.W. Bush Administration. A U.S. Department of State Advisory Committee, responsible for global Internet issues, appointed him to several terms during the W. Bush & Obama Administrations.

As Founder, owner, CEO, and lead analyst of Precursor Group Broker Dealer, Institutional Investor ranked Precursor Group as the #1 independent investment research provider in telecom and #3 in technology after only 5 years in existence in large part for its innovation in pioneering Change Research for institutional investment. Eight congressional subcommittees have sought his expert testimony a total of 16 times. Four governments have sought his expertise. For more please see or LinkedIn.


Recognizing the shocking dearth of useful, holistic macro-Internet analysis and innovation in the marketplace six years ago, Scott Cleland committed to discover and  innovate where others were not, to create the best macro-Internet knowledge, insight, and predictability. Since then, Cleland has conceived, researched, invented, and pioneered an innovative, proprietary, macro-Internet change research discipline, trademarked as Macrointernetics®. It now fills a prior problematic gap in critical, practical, and actionable macro-Internet knowledge, savvy, and expertise.

  • It is the study, discipline, and knowledge of the macro-Internet’s unique, permissionless, geosystem, structure, performance, designs, decisions, changes, dynamics, behaviors, incentives, standards, assumptions, cause-effects, risk-rewards, and externalities for the macro-Internet as a whole nationally and globally.
  • Its practical purposes are to increase Internet predictability and integrity, to better anticipate, alert, and advise clients.
  • It is to the Internet what macroeconomics is to the global economy.
  • It has no existing competitor.


Product provides regular reports of proprietary macro-Internet guidance, strategic advice, analysis, and research, spanning financials, investment, information technology, telecommunications, health care, media, transportation, retail, consumer goods, housing, hospitality, utilities, defense, and industrials.

Service offers macro-Internet consulting/advisory services as needed, providing commercial, competitive, economic, financial, and investment information and risk analysis for Internet commerce, competition, economics, trade, finance, capitalism, governance, innovation, and externalities.

Tagline & Logo

The Precursor® tagline is Empowers Success because: the definition of precursor is one that paves the way of another’s success/accomplishment; and because its Founder, Scott Cleland is a Proven Precursor with a 30-year, proven track-record of accurate forthright foresight that empowered clients to succeed.  

The Precursor® puzzle-piece logo stands for the many missing puzzle pieces Precursor® discovers and positions, so clients can see and solve the Big Picture, puzzle whole and true.


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